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Heroes Program
Saturday, April 27, 2019

Two New HEROES Welcomed to the Talleyville Fire Company

On Saturday, April 27th, the Talleyville Fire Company welcomed their latest HEROES to the company. E. Jason Somerset and Drew Somerset started their day at the Ronald McDonald House where they were met by a fire engine. They were treated to a tour of Talleyville's district and then we returned to the station. At the station, they were given a complete station tour, including showing and demonstrating to them some of the equipment that is utilized by the department. They sat around the kitchen table, where we shared lunch and exchanged stories. Afterwards, there was an awards presentation in our museum where Chief Tom Looney presented them both with plaques, badges, helmets, and officially making them honorary members of the Talleyville Fire Company. The afternoon finished at Crowne Trophy shop where both Jason and Drew made their own trophies to commemorate the day.

The day was not over for Jason though. That evening was AI DuPont Hospital's Prom. Jason was surprised by being picked up in E255 and driven to the prom. And exciting day for both of them.

The Talleyville Fire Company welcomes Jason and Drew Somerset and we hope they stop by and visit us anytime they can.

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