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Double Car Fire at the Mall

Sunday, February 12, 2017

On Sunday Feb 5th at 10:42hrs Talleyville was alerted for a car fire at Barnes and Noble at the Concord Mall.  256 went enroute, fireboard advised they were receiving multiple calls. Rescue 25 went enroute moments later. Crews could see the column from a distance and arrived to find 2 cars well off in the parking lot. Crews made a quick knock and spent time soaking hot spots and overhauling. While watching the salt dog crews work the scene it became too much for one bystander and she exclaimed "oh my god, I cannot believe my good fortune, Rescue 25, and Rescue Engine 256" she wished the brothers to "go get 'em!" Pics are post extinguishment. Another bystander posted pre-arrival video to youtube.

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