Non-Emergency Transports

Emergency Dial 9-1-1


Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Information

If your physician decides that you need non-emergency ambulance transportation from your home to the hospital or from the hospital to home...the Talleyville Fire Company will provide the required non-emergency ambulance transportation.

Your physician must complete the Physician's Medical Necessity Certification (Downloadable at bottom of page). Medical necessity is established when the patient's condition is such that tranportation by any other means is contraindicated.

The following three conditions must be met in order for your health insurance carrier to honor the charges:

The patient must be...

  • Unable to get up from bed without assistance
  • Unable to ambulate
  • Unable to sit in chair or wheelchair

The charge for the non-emergency ambulance transportation is 350.00. We will invoice your healthcare provider.

If you desire to arrange for non-emergency ambulance transportation and your physician opts not to provide physicians medical necessity certification the Talleyville Fire Company will still provide the non-emergency ambulance transportation and the charge will be 350.00 payable by check at the time of the service.


To schedule non-emergency ambulance transportation email the Talleyville Fire Company at [email protected]

  • Your doctor must complete the PHYSICIANS MEDICAL NECESSITY CERTIFICATION (AVAILABLE AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) and email it to [email protected] or a physical copy will need to be delivered to the fire station in person or by mail.
  • If your doctor does not have a copy of the medical necessity certification have them Download it from this page, or email [email protected]
  • The Talleyville Fire Company must have recieved the completed PHYSICIANS MEDICAL NECESSITY CERTIFICATION (Available at bottom of this page) before the ambulance transportation will be scheduled.  If you want your healtcare provider to cover the transportation...Any amount not covered by your healthcare provider will be your responsibility.
  • If you want to arrange for transportation by ambulance on your own, or if your physician does not sign the medical necessity certification and/or your healthcare provider denies the claim, you will be responsible for payment.


Patient Transport Services

  • This service is provided for all residents within the primary response area of the Talleyville Fire Company if you have questions as to whether your location being in the primary response area please send an email to [email protected].
  • A 24 Hour notice prior to the date and time of transport will give you a guaranteed arrival time.
  • Once confirmed the ambulance will make a timely arrival either at your residence or hospital.
  • All Ambulance attendants are certified by the State of Delaware Fire Prevention Commission.


Why Choose the Talleyville Fire Company for non-emergency ambulance transportation?

The Talleyville Fire Company is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) as stated by the IRS.

All revenue from all sources goes back into our community to assist with providing responses to Fire/Medical emergencies and to support public fire safety education programs.

Hospitals served for normal service:

  • Christiana Hospital (All divisions including Wilmington Hospital)
  • St Francis Hospital
  • Riddle Memorial Hospital
  • Crozer Chester Medical Center