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Talleyville Fire Company 3919 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 302-478-1110
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In Memory Of

Albert Achuff

Harry Allen

R.L. Alphin

James D Ayres Jr

James D Ayres Sr

William Barlow

William Bartsch

Paul Bevis

John H Brandenberger Sr

Leo J Breger

Louis Breger

Charles B Bunte

E Campbell

Edward Carroll

Edward Cloud

Harry Cloud

Robert T Cloud

Barrett P Conner Jr

Marcellus Davis Jr

F.H. Davis Sr

Charles Duncan

George W Duncan

Reynolds DuPont

Chauncey Eanes

George P Elliott

Stephen S Exar Jr

Pierro Ferraro

Lemuel Fisher

Albert W Forward

Walter, Rev. Fosnocht

Robert Foulk Sr

William Fugate

George Gillespie

James W. Greenfield

John W. Greenfield

Robert C. Greer

Joseph Gregg

William S. Guzik

William A. Hague III

John R. Hague Sr.

William A. Hague Sr.

Frank Hanby

Eugene Hand

Louis Hand

Thomas Hand

Earl Handlin

L. H. Harris

F. Stanley Hassler M.D.

John F. Hayes

John R. Hayes

James E. Heal

William T. Homewood

E. W. Hood

John E. Hood

Rev. James A. Hughes

Charles A. Humes

A. L. Husband

Alfred C. Husbands

John A. Husbands

Albert T. Jackson

J. Bayard John

Peter Kelley

Andrew Kenney

Kenneth Kershaw

Daniel R. Kiley

Daniel R. Kiley

T. H. Kitchen

Cole Lafferty

William A. Lafferty

W. W. Laird

Earl Lawn

Christopher M Leach

Francis Lenza

James L. Luke

Dick Lynch

Raymond A. Lynch M.D.

James G. Malloy

Canby C. Mammelle

Allison F. Manns

James O. Martine

Donald Marvel

Henry Mayer

Henri Mayhart

Ellis McCommons

Dick McCoy

L. Grant McCoy Sr.

Jack McCrea

William D. McCrea

Albert McCrery

Thomas J. McKinnon

James McLeish

Charles J. Meany

Todd D. Meredith

Charles M. Miller

Lawrence C. Miller

George H. Miller III

Alfred I. Murray

Lawrence Murray

John Nichols

Richard A. Novak Sr.

Owen E. O'Neal

M. Palmer

Walter Palmer

L. Pennington

Albert J. Pierce

Douglas Pope

Charles Potter

Willard F. Preston Jr.

Chuck Purse

Stewart Ramsey

Jerry A. Rawlins

Herman Rhodes

Joseph Rhodes Jr.

Allan Ridgeway

Elwood Rolph Sr.

Frank Rosaio

Charles B. Ruckdeschel

Edward D. Ryan

Edward M. Ryan

James H. Scott Sr.

Howard F. Sheldon Sr.

Charles H. Simon

William F. Simon

Clifford Singer

Ira J. Smith

Eugene P. Solge Jr.

Charles J. Speel

Elmer J. Squibb

Earl J. Strickland

Fred Studeman

Albert J. Talley

Curtis L. Talley

Elihu Talley

Ernest Talley

Francis Talley

George Talley

William R. Talley

John W. Talley Sr

Rev. John M. Taylor

Chester Troupe

William E. Troupe Jr.

William E. Troupe Sr.

James W. Umflet

William Umflet

Lawrence F. Vandenbraak

Michael Vandenbraak

John G. Vandenbraak Sr.

G. Kellam Walter

Ralph Warren

S. H. Warren

Charles A. Weatherby Sr.

Steve Weaver

Swithen Welch

Albert White

Howard E. Wilde

Dr. H. E. Wiley

Benjamin Wilson

Don Wolf

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