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Inland Water Rescue

Friday, July 28, 2017

On Monday night, Talleyville was alerted to an inland water rescue in the area of Alapocas falls. Gator and Rescue 25 made the response along with Rescue 11.  Numerous other agencies responded to assist in the effort. From Wilmington Fire Department, County Swift Water Rescue team, NCC Marine Units etc. With 5+ inches of rain falling the previous night, the Brandywine creek was flowing strong and fast.  Rescuers searched the banks of the river and were later forced to standby their apparatus as another strong cell of storms blew through the area with lightning and heavy downpour. Units then resumed searching until the search was called off later that night with no results. Units returned the next morning to continue the search. Some walked the shore line while Water rescue crews deployed boats to search in the falls and submerged rock formations. WPD deployed a drone to fly the river and shoreline to assist in the search.  The day ended with no results.  Crews from Talleyville returned Wednesday morning and searched the entire stretch again even going as far as the spillway that leads down to Wilmington Hospital.  After another 5 hour search there were no results. The subject surfaced and was located later that afternoon and a crew was deployed to retrieve the body.  Talleyville would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the agencies, State Park Rangers, WFD, NCC Swift Water/Dive team, WPD, Brandywine Hundred, that assisted in the numerous searches spanning the 3 days.

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